Demo Virtual Forex Does Anyone Know Were I Can Download A Full Or Demo Version Of The Virtual Pets Game Dogz 4/5?

Does anyone know were i can download a full or demo version of the virtual pets game Dogz 4/5? - demo virtual forex

In the experiment, a full download of a demo version of the game Dogz virtual pets available. I think thats what its called! lol.

I think she Dogz 5 now. Has anyone at all that a good website can be downloaded from the Internet? Ive been looking for, and can not find anything: (

thank you help xxx


Katie said...

I do not think you can get a demo, which a number of CDs will not be downloaded. But you can take it on Amazon for $ 3 + 3.75 shipping and handaling. That's what I did. He is very pious, and now I have the whole game!

bogdyboy said...

Full Demo try Try

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