Nature Songs In Arabic Do Religious Or Other Civil Rights Groups Have The Right To Censor Free Speech Or Artistic Expression?

Do religious or other civil rights groups have the right to censor free speech or artistic expression? - nature songs in arabic

Some time ago, the video game company Capcom has a game called Zack and Wiki on a treasure hunter. However, the main character is not a treasure hunter, was apparently also a Muslim.

The CAIR calls (one on American-Islamic Group), threatening legal action against Capcom, if the reference to the multicultural nature of remedy. The phrase "Allahu Akhbar" was removed from the game, and all others of its kind Referrences

The same thing happened to Nintendo when they made Zelda: Ocarina of Time. A song in the game contains an Arabic song, but were forced to withdraw it and replace it with a Gregorian due to pressure from religious groups.

As you may know, Jerry Lewis accidentAlly speaking, the word "******" in a few days and was forced to apologize after GLAAD pressure on him to do so. Don Imus has something similar, only a black basketball player for some time.


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