_nec Dvd_rw Nd-3550a NEC DVD Drive Only Sort Of Works... What's The Deal?

NEC DVD drive only sort of works... What's the deal? - _nec dvd_rw nd-3550a

I have a DVD-RW NEC ND-3550A, which acts kind of squirrel. He has some problems with reading DVDs and the recognition that have something that is still on the drive. I have a similar question, said that some of these drives, 2-laser, a so bad for CDs and DVDs with a DVD but the DVD still playing very well. DVD software, which is really hard sometimes, sometimes I have to open and close the device than a dozen times before it recognized my DVD oblivion, for example. (This happens not only with the DVD of Oblivion, it often happens with a variety of smooth, does not damage the media). No idea why this might happen and how can I solve this problem? Thank you.


Anonymous said...

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