Trampoline Party Sacramento What To Do For Birthday Party?

What to do for birthday party? - trampoline party sacramento

My friends had the best birthday present. I want to do something cheap. help me, something as good or better than those given to:

1. Rafting
2. Indoor Skydiving
3. City Trampoline
4. Part mystery
5. a photo
6. Buy Game
7. Part of the station.
8. a game of billiards.


danceisl... said...

How about chocolate? haha
or go to the City of New York if you live in New York
or go to a place Gymnastics
or climbing

dangoinv... said...

Damn has children in school are more spoiled than I am?

In any case, likely to invite a party at low prices more people to be a DJ (it seems to) go to expensive private schools when they are too expensive DJ just plays the radio. Then let the people dancing inside or in the courts if it is large enough. Get regular foods like chips and some **** and just dance a lot and make sure everyone has a good time to be a good host.

Hamie Z said...

I think makeup can be fun if you have the proper tools and tips. Make your hair, nails and make-up is a good way to look good and have fun. :)

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