Pratham Tries To Rape Gauri Kutumb Am I Really Guilty In That?

Am i really guilty in that? - pratham tries to rape gauri kutumb

Hello I have a relationship with a guy named .... pranav was damn serious m. .. I was attracted to him .... But if I met more and more used to speak ABT Pratham his brother ... I think I know more THT turn to start over with LL .... I have this problem involved a friend ... m M said dat u mite fall in love with him, so be careful ... I began to ignore them ... but after a few months ago, I broke with m BF ... his brother, called M and met THT said he would discuss the matter with Mr. .. So I met ...

But suddenly, it offers m. .. THT I said he was damn serious ... He has also broken with gf .... I was surprised ... I did not say whether his life ruined flirted with MO m. .. But he said he was completely serious THT ... I told himpranav ABT say this problem ... If my pranav (my ex-BF) has on hormone replacement therapy KNW question broke reached and started to abuse m. .. He said he used to recover M THT, where do the love will not allow him to ...

But the next day dat m told his brother and his brother GF patched ... His brother tried to call or sms love m. .. m dat days .... frustrated and helpless

I know that all your sins and God punished thts m ... But neeed like crazy .... plz help m


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