Cd21 And Dizzy With Blood Could I Be Pregnant!? Help!?

Could I be pregnant!? Help!? - cd21 and dizzy with blood

Ok, I mean period, 23 September and have a cycle of 30 days.
I began to test responses to OPK 6th October (CD14)
On 8 October, I received the first CD16 (positive)
Oct.9 I had sex, 10, 11 (CD17-19)
By Oct.8 - 19 October (CD16-27), I had positive results unclear. I am not looking for a date, however, 11 October. I do not know when ovulation.
On Oct.13 (CD21), I started cramping a little and had blood and brown discharge TP.
On Oct.16 (CD24) (Crampin a little), there was a hint of pink on the TP.
I read that some women can get a little blood during ovulation, which seemed to me that the brunette with the download. Cramps, and sometimes can normal.But I had a positive OPK for a long time! What's up with that?
And the pink color was better than the implantation bleeding, but since I do not know sure when, in order to ovulate, I do not know how many days past ovulation and I am everything.
I also started very badly and sometimes just pass just to yourself! Or start feeling dizzy very hot, and dizziness.
Opinions welcome, we have tried our little during the nearly 10 months: (Please!


1st Baby Due in June said...

It seems that there could be a very good chance this month! :) To be sure ... You know what I have to say down lol ... Pass a test:)

Good luck and baby dust!

♥♥♥♥♥ said...

If you are pregnant. Becca, you should like me happy, ah and 4 years

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