Duracraft Aluminum Boats I Have A 1964 Aluminum Duracraft Boat That Is 17' Long And 6' Wide. What Is The Max HP Rating For This Boat?

I have a 1964 aluminum Duracraft boat that is 17' long and 6' wide. What is the max HP rating for this boat? - duracraft aluminum boats

It is a boat under something like the use of hunters and there seems no plaque near the rear to provide that information. Any help would be appreciated.


jtexas said...

Their boat was built invented before the jury.

The USCG safety standards for manufacturers of backyard "(link below), the formula for determining the maximum wattage for a boat with remote management and at least a 20" Rear:

Long and wide (on Mirror), 2-times less than 90th
Round to the nearest multiple from 5th

Your boat:
17 x 6 x 2 minus 90 = 114, rounded to 115 hp.

This is obviously a general guide, not an implementing regulation by an agency.

Pay attention to warnings about the state of the mirror - take all the sweetness in all, everything has to be replaced - is a bacterial rot of life contain the spread, if you all are removed something. There is no right way to strengthenA cross-rotten, because all you will find solid wood, put a plate in order to not have sufficient structural integrity. The engine uses the crossbar to lift the boat from the water, so that any flexibility at all is counterproductive and dangerous.

XTX said...

You can use 35 hp to 65 hp ... When you arrive in a race that I was not another side to the other back ... You ...... Flotation foam under the seats is still good, and when their boat in the water and escaped from rivets hold together the aluminum boat. The way to solve this pressing problem, the rivets (2 people to work - one inside the ship with a tool, the anvil and the other under the boat with a hammer ... the 17footer is stable in water and probably enjoy the fishing on this ship after year .. and is safe in troubled waters.

The Eagle Keeper said...

This can not be answered without knowing, say, the condition of the vessel, as you do. Therefore, it is a personal opinion. If I guess the fishing 50hp. Sold to a dealer, the boat's engines and see if they have books dragged on old ships. This is the best thing you can do short term. Duracraft still around, so if you want to contact them, you're lucky in May

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