Congestion More Condition_symptoms Is The Government Using The Increased Congestion Charge To Improve Transport Services?

Is the government using the increased Congestion Charge to improve transport services? - congestion more condition_symptoms

It is the government increasing the congestion charge for the provision of transport services to improve?

For example, the provision of more buses, trains, places, bicycles and motorcycles to park?


fiona said...


It is used to fund the 2012 Olympics, because we do not know that the amounts absorbed.

Kairra said...

I do not think they are. I firmly believe that the money from the Congestion Charge in things like cucumber mayor, in 2012 the Olympic Stadium pathetic, unnecessary elements of London, which shows how beautiful it is, it is understood that instead of useful things as the deplorable state the update of most London buses, tubes and update the security of the subway and working conditions is to travel by train faster, cheaper and less susceptible to fractures.

The fact is that this government seems to think that money with us is your personal piggy bank, and ruin the costs oSession United Kingdom on things that we do not need. After the 2012 Olympics over the stadium will be another Millennium Dome - a waste of time, resources, money and other ugly mark on our horizon.

merlin said...

to a further pay rise

merlin said...

to a further pay rise

k said...

No, it is not. As other members can PayRise HUGE.

CaptainT... said...

To clear it, the government sees the change in traffic jams. Transport for London / Greater London Authority is pushing for the decision to implement the price for it and decide how to spend the revenue responsibility.

I have no love for Gordon Brown, but that's not what he does.

Mingeth said...

No. .. only the use of money, what this government.

David S said...

The congestion charges are not levied by the government but by the Mayor of London. Proceeds from the levy will increase to public transport in London, and the current plans include expansion of the East London Line Croydon
Purchase of new fleets of trains for the Inner London Overground service improvements "with their neighborhood and buses with higher frequencies, new routes and new buses.
The amount of pay before oysters were frozen in 2008 at its 2007 level.
Only high pollutant 4 X 4s and sports cars will be charged the new fees, there is no increase for the other, without fee and pay at the box office Monday through Friday or anytime on weekends or holidays, such as holidays in the most most affected by the new post.

jamand said...

Do not be silly - Ken Livingston deceive any person to ask - "Where is all the money went"

1 -, required for the company that monitors
To pay 2 - the dumb money for public transport staff in London

Shades said...

They do not make money and make the capital London, an area not to go, drivers, if you are a Chelsea tractor driving and money is no problem

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