Used Fishing Boats For Sale In Pittsburgh What Is The Best Web Site For Selling Boats Here In The Midwest?

What is the best web site for selling boats here in the midwest? - used fishing boats for sale in pittsburgh

We have 2 boats for sale, and had no luck, I thank you for newspaper advertisements, posters and flyers with hanging pictures in different stores ... one is a 1997 Stratos boat, 20 meters, a single console, EZ Loader trailer, depth sounder and fish finder, and a 65-lb thrust engine drag, and two new batteries. the other is a home dock is Table Rock Lake 4 people, hot water tank for showers, with an air conditioning / heating, fitted a port in a bathroom, complete with all utensils and bedding. 30 minutes from Branson, Missouri ...... Both boats are in very good condition .... We sell by the movement and you can meet with us ..... I would help any, should be estimated using the Web that you can use for pictures and licenses.


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