Does A Worm Make Yogurt Could There Be Worms In My Fresh Vanilla Beans?

Could there be worms in my fresh vanilla beans? - does a worm make yogurt

Hey, fellow fans: I've just fresh vanilla beans and decided to do some house vanilla yogurt. I yogurt all the time, so I follow the same procedure, but I have vanilla at first, so that they would have prolonged contact with the taste of milk. I cut the bean in half, scrape the seeds, then all the seeds and pods in the milk. But once the warm milk, I have dozens of long slimy son, who came to me a little brown. I hope it is just a coating or gel, or beans, but I'm doing and see if anyone has had this experience. I strained yoghurt and then placed in an incubator, but I wonder whether it really good to eat once it is made. If you are used to cool the beans before I can throw some light. Thank you!


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