Hack Into Main Poptropica Server The Dogpile.com Hacked Into My Main Drive/should I Call The F.b.i?

The dogpile.com hacked into my main drive/should i call the f.b.i? - hack into main poptropica server

I need someone to remove this courage from my computer. could steal. iDon't need for your business success, you want a correspondent iDon't my home page This page is the first seen.he was at.something do with it, whatever!


U_S_S_En... said...

To scan antivirusscan and - do both, complete scans - and wipe the system.

Then go to the home page (www.yahoo.com?) Then click on "Tools" - "Internet Options" and the first tab you are viewing - Home - click on "Use Current.

This should be your home page (in this case yahoo) again.

Now restart your computer and open Internet Explorer.
Do you Yahoo open? Problem solved.
Dogpile is open - you have done another scan - or a high-tech equipment to see the machine as it may be deleted some things.

Your PC may not necessarily be infected with malware pirated / adware - and.

John said...

Nothing to worry about it.You can find the appropriate keyword in the registry and delete it completely and use the software to uninstall, as CCleaner or another.
You need to know more about network and system security, happiness.

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