Ibs Symptoms More Condition_symptoms Are There Any Over The Counter Drugs To Help Relieve IBS-Constipation Symptoms?

Are there any over the counter drugs to help relieve IBS-Constipation symptoms? - ibs symptoms more condition_symptoms

I was with a lot of bloating, fatigue of a year. Nothing that you eat when your stomach is installed, the water is also my swelling and saturation, and I want to use, no idea what I could do?

I is not insured at present, and had tons of testing has already been done, but she did not.


Susiecat said...

It is an on the market - as Digestive Advantage --

This is not a cure - is a supplement to help prevent that bacteria in the colon.
Go to the pharmacy or supermarket to see if it works - and read about orGoogle Digestive Advantage on the Internet and see what is written on the supplement.

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