Very Young Girls Masterbate Girls Masterbate?

Girls masterbate? - very young girls masterbate

tell the truth.
What .. What.
never .. or how often.
in comparison with you?
How young?
more so when the younger or older?
normal or not normal?


♥binaaa said...

Uh, if I want. He's probably six times in my life.
Not as often as boys.
I started young.
It is normal to learn to live with it.

Corpse said...

Many, most simply do not.

•ghostfl... said...

Masturbation is always normal. Persons of both sexes are regularly, some occasionally. Some begin as small children, others begin in adolescence or adulthood.

Brooke said...

Umm, yes, I have a couple of times in my life, id say its quite normal to explore the city ur want the body of the United Kingdom.

ViciousV... said...

First she has to masturbate, masterbate NO, unless it was a pun. Secondly, how old are you? You can not over 15, if you ask a question like that. Look it up ....

Wet and Wild said...

hell yeah i depends on my mood
maybe two or three times a month

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