Mississippi River Boat How Can I Travel From The Northern Atlantic To The Mississippi River By Small Boat.?

How can I travel from the Northern Atlantic to the Mississippi River by small boat.? - mississippi river boat

There are of course the classic route, taking it from the Gulf of St. Lawrence above the St. Lawrence River to the lakes to Chicago, then from the Chicago Sanitary Ship Canal, the Des Plaines, Illinois River, and finally on the Mississippi
Then there is the improvement of U.S. Route 19 Century that the St. Lawrence and Lake Ontario and the segment is eliminated, the Hudson & Erie Canal on Lake Erie
Look at the map, I wonder if you have a possibility of a kayak or canoe on Lake Erie at Buffalo BEAR portage on the Allegheny River and the Ohio River could be found in Pittsburgh
Portage would be worth it for BC would save hundreds of miles of travel, can be very dangerous, in the lakes.


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