Google Maps How Accurate Are The Time Estimates On Google Maps For Driving?

How accurate are the time estimates on google maps for driving? - google maps

I want to know about job interviews in the area and how long does it take to get to certain places, it would. If Google Maps says 26 minutes is really that long?

I think that many of the measures may be too low values, the chance that I did. I'm not sure whether it represented the movement and life in a city.


Ben said...

Although I like Google Maps ... If I am interested in the movement just before a trip, I use ... Link:

Starting in the current position and how to get to the next .. Once your list starts / destination address, take a look at the bottom of the list using "check-box", the "Clear flow to route traffic based on" ..

This can give you the best idea of time in traffic for the moment ...

To answer your question, but I would say with special speed limits at different levels of roads and highways ... But of course, that is usually best, but slow traffic ...

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