Buy Electric Vehicle Should I Buy Electric Shock Collar For My Restless Dog?

Should i buy electric shock collar for my restless dog? - buy electric vehicle

My Husky is too unstable and restless. it is still here and there, the house is no reason, then it should be relaxed. He seems too much energy booster in it have. Buy a shock collar? Manufacturers claim that electric shock is in the neck soft and does not harm animals.


L Wolfchild Devil Puppies said...

As has been said, is a breed that needs exercise. You might think "it should be relaxing, but he knows he has time, now!

This breed was developed to drive around 100 miles per day, drawing a charge. It may be your housepet, but you can not deny their genetics. If you have a "shock" so relaxing expect with an electronic collar, you will be sorely disappointed.

Get Off Your Ass and exercise your dog!

ProudPib... said...

Electric collars should be used as a training tool, if all else fails. They should not be used as a punishment for an animal because of the absence of the owner training.

Exercise your dog. Spend your time training and reward for his calm behavior. (Tombent often victims or rub his belly, if my dog calmly lying on the floor doing nothing at all.)

Question: How can respond to you and the people at home to her "unstable and restless" behavior? Moreover, what happens in the house if he did that?

Added: Because they high energy dogs, one or 2 is not one days is sufficient to meet their needs. There are several things you can do to help you get more energy when it was the day that actually require very little effort for you. I buy a package and it bears the weight when he was on foot. (Not to overload or if you have back problems and health.) Buying a laser light and turn left into the courtyard or on the ground to pursue, like most dogs, these things. Toy 4 A cat entertained by a dog PetSmartAs long as you're willing to play with, and are an excellent exercise. My dog loves these things! A treadmill ... If you have been entered correctly, there will your dog go without hard work. Many people believe they can play with their dogs on the lookout when you play a project to ensure that you can buy 50 meters of lead, and teach him to ball while you are online. In this way, you can drag it to an open field (if you have a garden), and burn energy. Be creative! But be sure! :-)

Londa said...

They have a good working dog - give him a job! He asks for something to do. You will be happier (you too). Although the work is more than one or two a day walking a mile (leave it to a harness, which is what is taught to throw) that you are using something, the will learn some of this energy with healthy babies to relax. However, a reservation - both are in a better state!

15 years use of electronics that made me a fan, but only if properly instructed on the use - this is not quite the end of all problems and the introduction of the product must be carefully and discreetly. Electronics is a simple reminder of the previous training. That should not be used to force a dog to do (or not) something. If the dog does not understand what he was beaten, and why not become a training tool, but an instrument of torture.


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