Powder Room Vanities Double Sink Or Powder Room? Room Indentity Crisis, Please Help!?

Double Sink or Powder Room? Room Indentity Crisis, please help!? - powder room vanities

We try to put our house in hopes of reselling them. We currently have a bathroom with toilet, and after connection to a small room, a vanity area / ambient dust seems (unless it is also a toilet!)
The only problem is that the sources are distant from each other, and there is a door between the two, as the small region is a bathroom.

So I think we can say that does not know Bad if you have two sinks and vanity. Create a vanity case (with or without receiver) or try to embarking into the wall and install a sink?

What is the best way to repeat this situation with the least expensive, but also add appeal to potential buyers of a house?

Thank you very much for the help!

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God Saves! said...

I would be vanity, but is available if someone in the bathroom.

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