Hardware Performance Test Basic Questions In Testing Web Application?

Basic questions in testing web application? - hardware performance test

I know it's a very simple, but still do not know. I Developed a web application and the excellent work. I do not have any kind of test tool. I used to manually test the application. Really do not know how the system when multiple users are simultaneously connected to the network and do not know if my application is all standards, such as performance, CPU utilization, etc., the following concerns acts that I ai.

1) What are the testing tools you can use to test my application?

2) What are the main parameters on which I test my application?

3) How will I ever, if the report generated by the tool meets all standards. Is there a (standard values), in which I compare my test report?

Need to find 4) What is the minimum hardware requirements and maximum performance for my application?

Any help would be appreciated.


kvnsmoot... said...

There are many web analytics tools out there. A Java-based, which means I use JMeter (http://jakarta.apache.org/site/news/news-2006-q2.html # 20060613.1). Simulates multiple users often make your application. It has also built in the proxy server to record test scripts. It is part of the Apache Software Foundation's Jakarta. There are many activities of software testing products there, but I've yet to use any of them. I will stay with free. They can be rude, but do the job.

As the hardware minimum and maximum that is slightly more complicated. It boils down to execution and how they are used. Can with testing tools, a good idea of the memory requirements of the application when you (by all possible functions of the execution of your application and then look at the entire memory of the application does not provide JMeter, we should find a language-specific tools for these). This will give you a good idea of how much memorythe application to use. The profiling tools can also have an idea of whether your application is CPU bound or not drive / both. In this way you can determine where to spend the money for the equipment.

When it comes to him with the best computer you can afford.

Christian D said...

The best tool to test the application to be friends, e-mail a copy and let me tell you say, if they have errors

(For optimal performance and all use the Windows Task Manager when CTRL-appears on ALT-DEL for Runing for the implementation and you will see the% CPU utilization and memory

For the minimum and maximum, too, when friends again be useful, because not all have the same PC can, some have a different processor, and some have less memory, you're in your own opinion rather than an error, use YOUR FRIENDS! You used;)

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