Where Can I Watch P90x P90x Does Anyones Know Which Dvd To Watch First Because I Dont Even Know Where To Start..and How It Works?

P90x does anyones know which dvd to watch first because i dont even know where to start..and how it works? - where can i watch p90x

I bought the P90X online use, and do not come with a brochure or something. He wanted to know if anyone has used the same DVD that I can see Supposte First, how the programs work .. Thanks to those who can help


usmousie said...

How cool is that? I asked the same question and someone has just said. Go to this site to download it all:

http://maggiewang.com/2007/03/07/p90x-lo ...



FreeFitC... said...

You should have a DVD, as they have been worn. This is step 1!

Even if you Beachbody is free, just enter your email and password. If you need help with which I am sure you can help.

In any case, if you spend a connection to WOWY, and you can select your P90X workout. This gives you the option of the car on his WOWY training set. This schedule your workouts for the next 90 days. No guess work! Very cool!

Also, because you do not plan on nutrition, I recommend you get in on the Beachbody Club. This states, among many other tools to build a personal diet plan. The meal plans are large, and even print out a shopping list!

Many others are checked on-line tools. If you need help with anything just contact me and I can help. I love P90X!

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