La Jolla Sea Caves Visiting San Diego For A Few Days...?

Visiting San Diego for a few days...? - la jolla sea caves

Hello! My friend and I visit San Diego a few days. Has anyone suggestions for a good book? We wait to drive the whole day, and also make sea kayaking in the caves of La Jolla, in the ancient city tram, etc. ..

Has anyone with a proposal for a nice hotel (hopefully more than $ 100 per night) in a suitable location for our planned activities?

Even if someone with a proposal of something that we see or do, it will be much appreciated.


Jackie A said...

Things to do

Favorite zoo or Wild Animal Park (my Wild Animal Park and make the trip to Africa)

Go to the village port and can see the pirate ships. Maritime and other airlines could on the harbor.

Take the ferry to Coronado. They have some nice shopping pleasure.

Eating foods from Mexico and visiting the Old Town SD

You might go a Padres game (in a car of this and the Old Town)

You can (even 30-40 minutes by car or take the train, coaster) in my hometown, Oceanside. Where you can walk on the longest pier SD County (if) not the longest of all CA. Buy and eat in the harbor (Cape Codd). You can also participate in the most beautiful beaches in the county of SD (play, I think). Go go to our port and our chain or cruise. Having a blast:)

Robert H said...

Question this site to find hotels in our city.

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