Where Can I Find Help In Using

Where can I find help in using -

I have several e-books they want to hit on my blog and websites before someone with to be available, but can not find help on using your site. Can you help me?


thameera... said...

For megaupload requirement is a good place, but a small error in it. Megaupload users must have a premium account to download things. Free users have 45 seconds, what wait times irritating.

Therefore, I recommend using Media Fire (
Just create an account and when you get in touch, you will be prompted with a button for uploading files. It's fast and easy and requires no premium account is ready for download.

Fred W said...

Here is a link to the FAQ Megaupload:

You can learn more if you use the web to search: "How to use megaupload"

How to use Megaupload. The Total Guide! ...

You might want to consider a site for storage of documents, or simply as an e-mail if you can save / son reacts as your home page ... is a free document sharing social network.
Google Docs - You can create, share and collaborate on documents and publish them on your blog.

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