How To Remove Period Pain Without Medication How Do You Remove Severe Period Pain Without Medication?

How do you remove severe period pain without medication? - how to remove period pain without medication

I have the worst pain every month. It is so bad that I must sleep. That's all it helps. Does anyone know a way around this? The doctor said to take, or paracetamol neurophen but none of them worked!
Help of course!


Abigail said...

I have some tips for you who have helped my pain. I was in pain from bad for years. the first day, and my second period did not allow me to work, but could not go out to eat or sleep as before. I had a laparoscopy, no problem, with the exception of the tilted uterus.
I tried to paracetamol, ibuprofen, codeine worked, and none feminize.
The only thing that works for me, it is Buscopan Ponstan take Forte. Volume on the day before my period is due in 3 days. I also take magnesium and evening primrose oil during the months, and it helps.
Buscopan has saved my life! I used to cramp that made me sick, not now. Try it with a hot water bottle and some chocolate.x

raspberr... said...

I have a heating pad or hot bath can relieve cramps) (actually, once a high-voltage electric blanket. If that fails, then there seems to be walking or other gentle exercise does not stress your body, but enough to go to help. Make sure I have enough water to drink and eat at least something that helps so many cases, the cramps make me lose my appetite.

I always wanted to curl up in bed, but when I often find that it do nothing but focus on the fact that I am in pain, makes me feel worse. I also believe that feeling coffee and chocolate, it makes me worse, but if I drink coffee after that I have a headache instead.

If you are really in pain and the medications recommended by your doctor that you do not help us, then you should talk to him / her is to try something else. At birth control if you can not to solve menstrual pains and even lower.

JoJo said...

Ah ... Cramps suck right?

Well, eat lots of fruit and yogurt. The natural sugar, that the need to "stuff" feeling each time you will meet your time and also help to control the seizures. I think that bananas and apples work best. The miracle yogurt is that it not only allows your digestive system, contributing cultures also cause the uterus to try to, kill! Lay out the caffeine and get some exercise. Try to walk around the block a few times (if a dog is an excellent excuse for Fido) on foot.

Even if you watch TV, using the keyboard at the bottom of the APA. He relaxed enough to feel no pain.

Katie A said...

There are certain things you can do:

1. Exercise. Type endorphins, which naturally make you feel better.

2. Take a hot bath. The heat helps to relax your muscles. If the bathrooms are not your thing, heat packs (the type of connection, or even microwave) do the trick, too. A single wrap a towel or blanket, and apply if you have bad cramps.

3. Drinking hot tea. In particular, herbal tea! It helps with stomach discomfort and pain.

4. Siesta. It should not take long to sleep, I think that 30 minutes cat nap does the trick.

5. If the truth, take a Midol (or a similar drug). Aid to backaches, cramps and headaches.

Sweet P said...

I know it's a little strange, but my cramps are severe, and when Im feeling down, and I thought of something else on the floor, bring help. Heating pads and things usedthose is surprisingly useful. I know I'm weird:)

Jenni said...

I do that sometimes. I try just one set of pads and television, to change my ideas.

C M said...

Sometimes a heating pad can help relax the muscles, which causes the uterine cramps contract.

C M said...

Sometimes a heating pad can help relax the muscles, which causes the uterine cramps contract.

Kg said...

My mother always tells me to go into a hot bath every time I have the stomach, because my older sister who's really terrible and has always said she had cramps Just go sit in the bathroom for hours.

Princess... said...

Implementation and running, but is not a pleasant race around the block a few times, it sounds strange, but really helps (:

Kim P said...

I know that sounds strange, but if I eat a chocolate bar that helps my pain.

Kim P said...

I know that sounds strange, but if I eat a chocolate bar that helps my pain.

CJ said...

Cover very good!

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