Fun Baby Shower Ideas What Are Some Cute And Fun Baby Shower Games And/or Ideas?

What are some cute and fun baby shower games and/or ideas? - fun baby shower ideas

Ok me and my mother are planning my baby shower and I jumped on wat to do. This is my first child and grandchildren first for my mother. My aunt and my cousin recently, babies and baby showers were a lot of fun and I copy anything cuz it wouldnt be my baby shower, but she had some things that I do not want my family happy with bore another child in the shower little, but then again lol I have an idea, but I would be more input from other mothers. Thanks


yrunosy said...

Undersatnd I do not want to be like them, just shower the other. You want yours stand out and distinguish and remember.
Here are some ideas. Instead of cookies ckae Sugar Baby, there are many different types of bottles, bibs.
You can have candles as it favors wrapped in baby food jars or candle use with tulle and ribbons
Here is a candle to light when the stork has made his flight with the spark of the so-called
Please tell me a prayer on behalf of the child.

or whatever you want it.
to guess a few games, the extent of the mother and Tolita use of paper or thread. I then cut each can be measured or you can keep your mother and to see who is nearby. We also try to remember what he had to do and what not.
Hope this helps. Good luck
You can send me an e-mail if you want more than I have tons of ideas.

Gods Child fo Life said...

You can concentrate on the tricks and treats his mother will enjoy and remember.
• Collect baby pictures of your guests before the game, with a number and everyone can see who is complying with young adults, are also fast.

• baby showers with the child in the world. Purchase hula-hoops, jacks, crayons and construction paper and draw a picture from the plane on the street with chalk.
• You Buy 15 flavors of baby food, remove the labels and shows the palates of the world. The first prize? More food for babies, of course.
• Issues for five notecards pink or blue, with favorites from the secrets of her mother. Subjects assigned to sleep thinking together: a simple, healthy snacks, tips for toilet training tips for a baby all night, are always welcome.
• Distribute portable miniature divide guests into pairs and ask each child to a better list to create their own childhood or Favorites. Lists can include everything from CDs, which the child is the best baby-friendly restaurants and favorite toys.
• All mothers know that they nevernough onesies. Buy plain onesies in different sizes, and ask the guests to decorate one for the baby. Enter colors, markers, stamps and stamp pads, and a needle and thread embroidery.

Emily said...

Get some apple sauce and baby spoons that people vote with one person blindfolded and another person to eat applesauce. First garbage bags to protect the other plates. No minutes after the finish and won 1st

mom2jjor... said...

Socks of many baby-Soo, that I am at my baby shower ...

So for a game that correspond to each of them and put them in piles. Each had 45 seconds in all height. The player with the most pairs wins.

Ash said...

We played bingo baby shower in the mine. Draw a game board bingo on a piece of paper and each of the copy.Before open their gifts to the guests a different gift, I think that each place. If you are the gifts, the gifts that can make you get, 5 presents in a series, BINGO! You sing a lot of presents for all. We had a lot of fun with this, there are people doing something, while being opened.

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